Pierre Madic




Material = Douglas Fir from Montage noir, transported to Rivel




Left for 6 months then stripped of bark


Each maison fabrique sur measure


Picture = 180 sq m


8 months to assemble with electrical ducts in the wood


Client supplies windows and doors,


Disassembled and transported to site on camion


Furthest – 800 km foothills of the Alps


Takes 2 months to reassemble on concrete base prepared by client. Ll gaps filled with sheep / lamb’s wool


Timber treated for insects prior to assembly.


Sections are jointed and no pins used. Timber totally dried and settled uniformly after 3 years


Grass roof / terre, on top of birch supports which form an impermeable roof


The weight of the roof keeps the wood locked together no other mechanism used.


The timber is approx 300mm diameter. The unique property of wood is that the interior walls are at ambient temp of indoors. The ext walls are ambient outdoors.


No convection currents


écorce (d'un arbre):


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Montsegur. Rennes le chateau,